Coming """""Soon"""""...

I've recently had something of an epiphany as to why I've been unable to write up concise guides for what I've promised over a year ago. Besides just plain procrastination which I have no excuse for, it seems I'm the type of dude who's much better at rambling on and on than I am at getting to the friggin point, and that also seems to apply to my ability to supply instructions and information in a simple format.
Just recently I was sharing some info with someone in a chatroom on how to modify the PSP version of SSX On Tour (some of which applies to the SSX control mapping page I promised to make), and once I shared all the info I wanted to, before I knew it I typed up the Great Wall of SSX, when someone with better writing skillz than I could probably fit the same info into a half or maybe even a third of the space. What I've gathered from this is:
1. It's better to share information with the world in a "ramble format" than not at all.
2. It may help me to write pages by writing out everything I want to share in a "ramble format" as if I was talking to someone, and then use that as a reference when writing something more concise.

In combination with this, on the very same day, I saw this pop up on my Neocities feed:
This reminded me of another thing that's been stopping me from putting some content up: I've been worrying too much about how my site looks and how well it's coded, when I should be more concerned with actually sharing the info I want to share, no matter how amateurish its presentation may be. Once I've got the basic content up, if I want to pimp my site a bit more, I can do it from there.

I think these two realizations coming to me on the same day may just be a blessing from the Gods of X-treme Sports Games, who wish for me to finally share their gospel with the world, no matter what.

Moral of the story: It's better to share information with the world in a non-standard format and/or presentation than not at all.
So, get ready to see some ramblin' encased in some really amateur HTML... "Soon"™...
(That said, I'll try my best to keep things concise, but I'm not gonna try so hard that I end up not trying at all. That's how you end up with a site with jack squat but empty promises for over one and a half years. :))

P.S.: Reading this over again, it almost sounds like I'm calling lolwut's site's presentation/code amateurish, but that's certainly not what I was going for. Me possibly using his code (still not sure if I will or not) and me writing my own amateur code are two separate thoughts, I swear. :)

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