"Decidedly non-professional!"

"You've just entered the freek zone! We're servin' up some sick tricks that'll tweak your brain! If you think you can hang, remember: I put the 'freek' in 'Freekstyle'!" - Mike Metzger impersonator, Freekstyle trailer

Welcome to A-Rok's Pro Website. This is my little corner of the web for uploading whatever I darn well please, though due to my personal interests, you're likely to see a lot of XSG related content.

Feel free to copy and edit any text, images, code, or anything else from this website to wherever else you want, no need to ask or credit me. If you want to credit me, that's fine, but don't feel obligated to do so in the slightest. Getting knowledge and resources out there to those who seek it is more important than who made it.