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Have you ever played an SSX game on PS2, then tried it out on GameCube, and wondered where all the grabs went? Have you ever wanted to perform the Foot Surf Uber grind in SSX 3 on GameCube? Have you ever wanted to play earlier titles with SSX On Tour's Trick Stick control scheme? Do you have one of those funky third-party Xbox controllers with the White and Black buttons as shoulder buttons? Ever wanted to play Xbox SSX games with the PS2's control scheme using that controller? Have you ever played SSX 3 on Xbox, and wondered what the hell the devs were thinking with that control scheme? Have you ever wanted to play SSX Tricky or On Tour on Xbox with 3's control scheme? (What the hell are YOU thinking?) Have you ever wanted to play SSX Blur without waving your arms around like a spaz and getting all out of breath? Have you ever wanted to steer with the Start and Select buttons for some godawful reason? Have you ever been in a Turkish prison? Have you ever wished I'd get to the damn point? Well, do I have JUST the THING for YOU!

Every SSX game from 1 to Blur has text files on the disc that define which functions are mapped to which buttons, for both the Default and Pro layouts. The files go by different names in each game, but they're always in the directory (root of disc)/data/config. Here's what the files are named in each game:

Game Default Pro
1 & Tricky btnmap0.dat btnmap1.dat
3 & On Tour
On Tour input.cfg input2.cfg
Blur TestInput1.cfgN/A

Any other button mapping files you find in the directory that aren't listed here are unused. You may also find config files for other things such as music in this directory, but these won't be covered on this page.

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