Fake Tab

You can use this to have wacky background tabs for screenshots without having to actually go to the relevant page. Pop a custom tab title in the first box, and the URL for a custom favicon in the second box, hit the button, and the tab is good to go. Have it in the background when you take a screenshot of another page, and hilarity will surely ensue.

For Auto mode, insert the URL of the webpage that you want to nab the favicon from. It may take a few seconds for the favicon to appear.
For Manual mode, insert the URL of a favicon image. .ico, .png, and most other web image formats should work.

Auto mode uses The Favicon Finder, written by Matthias L├╝dtke and hosted by Oleg Shevchenko.

Fair warning: This page may appear in your browser's history as whatever title you put in. Be sure to delete it from your history if you're paranoid about that.

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Page created 6/16/2020
Last modified 6/16/2020